Errol 2003

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All I can say is WOW.
1100 Budwesiers
800 P-funks
Over 130 pounds of meat - bear, deer, beef, pork, turkey
Over 100 gallons of gas/diesel thrown on the fire
1 cracked radiator...

and the coldest mercury reading we've ever experienced...-25, and a windchill of about -70!
Every night it was below -10.

The morning we left, it was kind of cold..

Crowded around the fire


Hangin out

Our Stools

Star Logger, T-Birk-ee-lo-sis

Teague having a stretch..

Nicholas STaley

Must have been gloves

Me sitting on the tailgate of the loaded Hemi

The Bretheren SAW!!!

We used the trailer to haul wood from BAMP!'s

Our skidder driver and machine


mmm...Sucage gravey

Snowshoe Team 1

The Camp

The moon was awesome every night


My name is Mr. Plow!

We flew old glory day and night for the passing truckers


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Evil Devel