Errol 2004

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Ahhh another year of Errol has passed and here's what we've got to show for it. I think I can say everyone had an awesome time and are counting the days until Errol 9 next year. Certainly there were ATV now looks like that of Kyle Petty on an average sunday, dave's muffler got a small adjustment, marshalls head is slightly larger, Nick is minus one tailight, Birk didn't quite get enough logging done...he was too busy driving around the state of maine looking for logging operations. We also must bow our heads in silence to Herman, Pam, WD-40, Ether, half full Coleman can, teague's tires, Pantaloons' litter bucket, dave's log skidding cone (did we even TRY to use that thing??) and I'm sure there were others. Ok, enough - on to the pictures.

Spete's Pics:

Stom's Pics:

The night before we headed up, Teague and I prepared the huge parts of cow into steak tips...pictured below.

I took some pics along 13 mile woods:

Peter making some onions and tuna:

Some of the fellas went hiking and came across these moose horns:

The one Hans found was especially huge and in good shape

Here is the crew from the last morning

and finally, marshall decided to shave his goatee after we got back, but left this lovely moustache for a few hours:

If anyone else has pictures, please send them to me or pete so we can post them!