Errol 2005

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Spete's Pics:

Waggin and Shead hangin out by the fire

Shead passed out at the dinner table - nothing new here

Saw on the Yellow Hornet

The Red Devil complete with her new chains

Stom working the logging operation

A morter log

The fire approaching its prime

Nicholas Staley

Half dissill, Half gas - EUNT

Skillz truck - high centered!

Stom sportin his beard comb

It wouldnt be Errol without Birk-style bacon

This bitch of a log took double-wheeler action to twitch her

Birk counting the rings on some timber... death to all weevils!

Sron, Bob, Pete, Stom, Chuck

Warming up on the fire after a spritzer dies down

PizzaBox and Hands

Birk-e-tosis and Stom

Spete hand-pumping dissill directly from caddy to fire

Welcome to NASCAR's Errol International Speedway

Presenting an infield for RV parking, a short track, and an outer track

Shead coming around turn 4 on the inside track

Racin - Marshall on the inside track, Chuck on the outside


Waggin taking the lead on turn 3

Stom's Pics:

The Bretharen Saw


Spete getting ready for some poker

Skillz, thinking he might win... didn't happen

Shead cookin up some soo-cage


Sron's Pics:

Spete, Birk, Sueback

Timber, hold the weeviles


Big Blue, Redfei, and "The Van"

Hands warming up his can


"Tell ya what!"

Seefoode... WAM!


Pete up on the trail

Full Moone

Waggin's Pics:

Texas Hold 'Em Boys

Birk slicin up the rib roast... mmm, rib roast

Shead being a sexy beast

Birk buckin up some weevils

Easy on the #1


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Gasoline and Dissill commence...

The Petes shotgunning

Shead out cold

If anyone else has pictures, please send them to stom or spete so we can post them!