Errol 2006

Ten years of debauchery!!
Statistics on Errol, NH (Incorporated 1836):

Origin: First chartered in 1774, Errol was named for James Hay of Scotland, fifteenth Earl of Erroll, and owner of Linlithgow Castle, the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots, and King James V. Sitting on the northern end of Maine border, this sparsely populated town is a popular vacation site for snowmobilers. Errol is home to half of Umbagog Lake, and has more inland water area than any town in Coos County. Errol's population at their first census was 38 Residents in 1810.

Population Trends: Errol has experienced more population decline than growth, with the population decreasing over three of the last five decades. The largerst decrease was a ten percent drop between 1960-1970, which was followed by a 57 percent increase between 1970-1980. Errol's population grew by a total of 74 residents, going from 224 in 1950 to 298 residents in 2000. The 2004 Census estimate for Errol was 294 residents, which ranked 226th among New Hampshire's incorporated cities and towns, tied with Clarksville as the eighth smallest community. Of the 294 residents, 155 are male and 143 are Female.; 9 are under age 5.

Population Density, 2004: 4.8 persons per square mile of land area, the sixth lowest among the cities and towns.
Errol contains 60.8 square miles of land area and 8.6 square miles of inland water area.

Nearest Hospital: 21 miles away, and has 16 staffed beds
2004 Total Tax Rate (per $1000 of value): $12.49
2003 Total Housing Units: 462
Education Attainment, population 25 years and over: bachelor's degree or higher: 8.5%
2000 Median 4-person family income: $47,500 ($22,440 per capita)
1 Educational Facility (K-8), Enrollment: 22

Largest Employers:
L.L. Cote - 26; J M L Trucking & Excavating - 16; Northern Exposure Restaurant - 10

Crockett's pics here

Stom's Pics:

The crew on friday night I think:

sPete taking the jump before turn 3

Lock and load brutha

Look at the size of it!

Scott Hans and Teague

Nice hat

Tell you what...I'm on the zoning board now!


Deve acting silly

How do you put this thing together again?

Some of the guys hanging out on a warm night

Dave coming into turn 3

20 years and still going...kinda

Giving the ole girl a rest

Look out crockett!


Stay awake Ken

Wee & Big

Go Dodge!

sPete coming off turn 4

sPete's Pics:

sHead prepping the fire on the first night

The beginning of ERROL X

This should burn

Nick'lus and sTom

You boys are looking a bit tired, considering it's only the first night

Mahshall bucking up some timber

Bubbles on the crank for a spritzer

A nice toss from sHead

This burns cleene

Omaha stakes cooler filled with fuel...

Hornpout havin another toss

Birkee warming up

Some of the livestock got out of the pen, so we had to fix up the fence

Todd's pets, including a 1-year-old buffalo


The Bretharen Saws, for hire

That little tv and cooler won't be there much longer

Friday night fire

Chuckwagon, Birk, and Tom relaxin

Bubbles, that better be an AB product of some sort

These boys had some trouble on trail to the pond


Workin hard

Bob running the hauler position

Comin down the twitchin trail

"I'll tell ya what, Doogie"

Birk taking out his aggreshun on the weevils

Pizzabox having his way with her now

Old Glory, flying high

Mahshall prepping the big Saturday night fire

The annual mortor log

It's almost as good as smoking butts again

Jim supplying a little juice to get it going

Birk, see if dissill will catch...

I guess it will

The boys playing a little a-whole

Nice hat, sRon

sHead running the county plow

Dualling plows

This looks safe

Executing proper procedure

Da camp - 10 Errols down, at least 10 more to go!


Ray's barn catching some light

If anyone else has pictures, please send them to stom or spete so we can post them!