Errol 2007

Crockett's pictures here!

sPete's Pics:

The Errol Camp - 11 yeers and running

Our greeting upon arrival - DAMN!

Birth of the fire

sTom and ChuckWagon... feeles goode to be back eeste

sHead fetchin a flagepole

How's she look Hornpout?

Old Glory flying half mast for Former Pres Nixon

Todd showing off his flashy sleddin' gear

Door to burn, curtesy of the Bretharen Saw

No lead paint here!

Deevil and Santa's Little Helper

She's looking a little green, but she'll go

All aboard!

The great log project of '07

Hacksaw assisting with the hacksawing

Strength of foot - The log lift is prepared


No comment... wait, are those Carhartts pressed?!

"Wow, this is heavy."

Bubbles eyeing up da log

Handy Andy out by da pond

Da pond, not quite frozed up enough for racin this yeere

Packing in a snack

Saw sending out smoke signals

Pretty standard really

Priming the dissil caddy

Spritzer supreese!


Squinting at the weevils as they suffer and burn

sHead getting a nice pour on

Gas burns HOT


Mmmm... soocage gravy

sTom monitoring the morter

This is the most action Mahshall's wheeler got all weekend

Saw doing cutting... literally

Nick Nolte mug shot

Must be morning... the flames are under ten feet

Teague bucking up some timber

Errol for lighter

sPete snuck off to the woods for some light shooting

The shooting range

POE-KNEE lives!

sTom and sHead getting friendly with the livestock

W A H M !

Up at Mt Dustin

Not sure what's going on here, but this thing is hot

Hold this for a sec

Have a seat Birkeetosis!

This chair ain't making it to Errol XII

sRon painstakingly retreving six cents (with a spoon) that Zooback threw in the grate

Working the model

Peter, is that a new CB jacket... and hat complete with zip-ties

Errol pay dirt - SNOW

Better get them plows geared up, boys

See y'all next year!

If anyone else has pictures, please send them to sTom or sPete so we can post them!