Errol 2008

sPete's Pics:

Welcome to New Hampster, specifically Coos County
which is the largest area of the NH counties, but as of 2000, by far the smallest population, at 33,111.

The Great North Woods are spread across Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York
and into Canada. Collectively, the Woods make up a 26 million acres of forestland.

Raising the annual Errol flage pole

Our national flag underwent changes in 1795 and 1818,
which increased the number of stripes to 15 and then returned it to 13, respectively.

Inside the cabin - kitchen area

The snoorer's bunk room

Went old school this year and picked up a keg of Labatt Blue, plus this mini keg of Gold...
and of course a few Budweisers

The second bunk room

The cabin mascot

Early fire

Starting to catch

Todd telling some stories

There might be an 88 and a couple doors hidden in there

Kevin Birk-ee-toe-siss and Hans 'The General' Wentrup


Todd driving his truck over the snow bank

Teague must be filling in for Deve on 'frosty beverage patrol'
Personalities include - Bain hate networking, Hezekiah loves saving

Pizzabox's beruit table

Playing with Peter's hand exercise grips... watch out for the HEAD

Tell ya what, I got my Polo shirt and some cologne on and I'm going to Cote's

Out on the pond, before making the track

Mount Dustan is the Location's highest point at 2,878 feet
It was home to a fire tower at one point

Saw with a saw strapped on

Chuckwagon popping off a few rounds with sPete's .22

Andy and Saw taking a rest on the duck blind plywood

Showing off 'my new haircut' - Not now chief, I'm in the f'ing zone!

Teague taking some laps during happy hour

Doogie and Peter

The clean up crew

Marsh taking Ken on the inside of turn four

sHead coming in HOT by the entrance to pit road

Hacksaw on sPete's Red Devil

In the concourse area by pit road

Santa's motorized sleigh for antler hunting

Pay dirt - 3 horns on day 1

Peter, please cool off your foot in da snow

Keg = Big J for beer can

Fire breathing mortor - AWESOME

Mortor shells (some of them)

Da van got the chrome horn from the trailer


sPete trying out Zooback's pulling harness

After the ATV, I tried to pull Bob's truck, uphill - not easy

Marsh trying to start up his Echo

Hans taking Bob for a ride

Not pictured - Big J pulling da van, easily

sRon and sHead bucking up some little stuff

The largest flag in the world is a flag of Israel measuring 18,847 square meters

The fire in need of revitalization... not a problem

Teague cooking up his wings... some are a little SPICY

Saws, one of which shot a load of gas in Doogie's eye

Bulbous tool

The Petes shotgunning

Over to Maine for BAMP's
The territory that is now Maine was at one time a part of Massachusetts

On average, an adult moose stands 67 feet high at the shoulder,
with males weighing 8501180 pounds and females 600800 ids

Birk v. weevil

Nothing beats 'BAMP's Wood For Boys'

Back to camp - As of the 2000 census, there were 44 people, 20 households,
and 13 families residing in the Location, with a population density of 2.3 people per square mile.

The Turner Camp from across the field


sPete on top of the teepee

Turner hosses

Poe-knee lagging behind

After an hour or two

Errol sunset

Out on the pond late night

Doogie smoking out the place

Flame broiled burgers

Hey boys, give Marsh a little more vert - LOL!

Rubbah blaze

Errolling by the fire

Hornpouts and Doogies ring of fire

Burning HOT

Trippy trails

Out cold.

Soocage gravy and bissits

Birk trying to keep down the heartburn

Monday morning at 8:46am

Magic beer

Showing off his Errol shirt

General says, Scotch Only... or he cut you.

A rare sighting of the Birkenmoose, scientific classification Alces Birkatosis

Nicky matched up one of his horns with Birks from last year

Serious Errolling

BAMP had lots of wood for boys this yeare

Marsh shaving off the log lift

Now cutting the pockets

Peter loves finger pockets

The Official Errol XII Full Pull-out Crew

sPete, Birk, Doogie, Teague, Chuck, Marsh, Nick, Peter

See yall next year for Errol the 13th


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sPete Keg Stand

Birk's Pics (with commentary by Birkenmoose):

Pick is some moose rubbing, the mail moose will destroy small soft wood trees to loosen the antlers and knock them off.
These were pretty fresh and on three of them the moose broke off the top of the tree. The rubs were about 5 feet off the ground

Valmet 425 with a fix Quadaco Cit to Length harvester head.
This Rig was sitting on a landing 14 miles into Sturtevant Pond. It did a nice job of thinning a Harwood/soft wood cut

Hardwood saw log yarded and waiting to go the mill

A patch of woods that the moose were bedding down in

More woods

A piece of seve islands wood lands that has been recently thinned, very good logging job

The camp after everyone has pulled out

Stats of interest from Wikipedia on Magalloway, Maine:
- The plantation has a total area of 54.2 square miles, about 11% of which is water.
- As of 2000 census, there were 37 people, with a population density was 0.8 people per square mile.
- The racial makeup of the plantation was 100.00% White.
- The median income for a household in the plantation was $33,750, and the median income for a family was $39,167.
- Males had a median income of $0 (ZERO) versus $25,833 for females.
- The per capita income for the plantation was $16,546.
- None of the population and none of the families were below the poverty line.

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