Errol 2009

"In these times of economic uncertainty one thing remains absolutely certain... ERROL"

13 yeeres and running

sTom's Pics:

Deve starting the fire

Some sort of sink spooning

Ken HACKSAW Hannaford

Returning with BAMP!'s Wood for Boys

Plowes got a workout

sPete giving the thumbs up on the pond track

Lorraine in the snow cat

Helmet drinking


Birk managing The Model

Teague vs Birk in a snore-off

A light snack Next year's idea

Looks like Raleigh is ready for an uprising

sPete's Pics:

Chuck and Marsh at Ray's in Jackson on Thursday evening

Ray's kitchen

Time warp in Marshall's childhood bedroom - complete with Apple IIGS

These girls ain't no spring chickens these days

Cool frost on the window Friday morning

sTom, Deve, & Chuck out back at Ray's

Couldn't get the tracker started so there was some make-shift rigging to get the wheelers out

sPete shovelling off the front roof

Arc welding the plow bar

First stop - Formerly Currier for ATV parts

Next stop - Labonville for gloves

Then shopping at Wahmaht, including 36 mortor rounds and 4 canisters of cheeseballs

Then LL Cool Jaye's in Errol, with Wee's sled up front

Destination: Turner Camp Rt 16 Wentworth Location NH/ME Line

Settleing inn

Expelling Errolwatts to dig the path to the fire

Unsuccessfully troubleshooting the '86 Honda

Fetching the annual flagepole

Flieing hie evree dae

Doogie, Hans, Ken, & Jay

Fireside takedowne

Justin, Jay, & Tegway inside the cabin

Must have wahmed up from the low of -22 deg F on Saturday morning

Hanging out in the kitchen

Da pond, pre-racetrack

Justin, Ken, & Dave

Tahget practice North Country style

Okay, now you can shoot

Justin's first shooting experience

Saw + gun = WAHM!

After going throu the ice, Errol for shindahd

Carhartte commershulle

Frozen bud and chainsaws on the beruit table

Heavier on the hard stuff this year

Mr. Plow WIDEning the path

Proton on mortor prep

Mahshall working another mortor

More Errolwatt work

Snugger than a jim-hat

Hans The General Wentrup

Golfing with fire


Deve, sTom, and Birk taking a load off

StakeUmms sammitch

Dave napping

Jet sledding on the pond

sTom taking Bubbles for a ride

Big J providing some downforce

sTom airing out

Out hunting for moose sheds with Birkcardi and Nickluss

Snow was wicked deep to walk through

sPete by the snowmobile trail

Logging operation up Parmachini Road

Deeres on the run

Spotted on the way back to camp


sTom keeping wahm

Handy Andy and sHead catching up

Dissile is goode

Andrea and Todd in his fancy gear

Andrea, Tom, & Todd


Nice plowing, son

Peter's annual cigarette out by Da Van

Garbage disposal

Bucking up after some twitching on the trail

Pain cave

Errol International Speedway

sPete unloading his .357 magnum

Sunset over Mt. Dustin, elevation 2,878 ft

The (Dartmouth) Second College Grant - 41.6 square miles of private land

Across the street from the camp - The Magalloway Rivah

Prepping the mortor rounds: Among others, offering up savory flavors of french vanilla, fruity auromas of hawaiian blast, and the refreshing taste of clean linen.

Birk cutting the rib roast

Construction project of the year

Errol bar table

sRon bucking some timber

Racing on the fireside track

sTom napping in the cave

Up on Mount Dustin

Recycling center

Out cold.

Errol sillowette

Birkatosis, Big Pete, Little Pete

WAY down the trail at "Birk's Spot" the snow was bullocks deep

The barn, home of Poh-knee and other Turner hosses

Teague cleaning up the fire

Clearly we need a hotter fire next year


Current home of sTom's wheeler

Errol XIII Full Pull Crew

Great North Woods One Stop in Errol

Eating chicken fingers and mozz sticks on the way out of Errol is what full pullers do

Marsh and Andy doing more of Raleigh's work at Ray's on the way back south

Lorraine Turner's Errol Photos


Dualing ATVs (34 seconds)

Ken Shooting (8 seconds)

Pond Racing (27 seconds)

Spritzer (28 seconds)

Alarm Clock (5 seconds)

Snoring (28 seconds)

Night Racing (24 seconds)

Mortors (30 seconds)

Teague's Video: 4-wheeler ride up to Mt Dustin (110 seconds)

Teague & Crockett - please send your pics to sPete so they can be posted!

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