Corning Visit - October 2009

The Mosolf House - Addison, NY

Blu Jays in the back yard

Fire bush out front

Deb, Phil, Pete, & Shalan with Kaycee, Maggie, & Stewie

Maggie the pup and Kaycee

Stewie playing with Maggie

Learning how to share


Ivy with Nana Deb

Ivy is excited for upcoming Halloween

COusin Josh

Ivy with Mama Trish

Giving Stewie hugs :)

Pete, Ivy, & Stewie

Shalan with Stewie

Addison countryside

Stewie is no farm pup, but he had a great time visiting

Cool artwork in downtown Corning

Local brewpub

Pete enjoying the sampler, as usual :)

Nice sized portions

Corning Glass Company & Museum

Phil checking out the Chihuly work (same stuff we saw in Arizona last Thanksgiving)

Shalan and Phil in the Corning Glass Museum shop

The largest glass pumpkins in the world (or so they claim)

Gathering some molton glass for the glass blowing demo

Getting started

Giving it basic shape with a wet wooden cup

Blwoing out the inside

Shaping the base of the piece with giant tongs

Transfering the base to another iron

Flailing open the top to create the open top

More pieces for sale in the shop

Stuben Glass is Corning's crystal

Other Stuben Glass pieces

Hand coolers

Jewish and Roman Catholic religious figures chess set (all glass as you would expect)

Awesome multi-layered glass sphere

Eddie Murphy and the 1913 "White Elephants" glass bat

Glass making diarama

Pete with one of his favorite pieces

A better picture of the glass ball

Chihuly on the ceiling

A nice piece made in a local glass shop that we brought back to Arlington

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