Daytona 500 Weekend - Feb 2008

Airboat Ride

The six of us went for an airboat ride at the "northern everglades"

Some type of heron--not identifiable in our bird book

Shalan is so brave!

Check out those tonsils

Pete's thinking this would look good in their rec room

Gettin nourished before the boat ride

Well you wouldn't want to get thirsty out there

It's pretty noisy so they provide ear protectors

American Anhingas

Our captain, also the tour guide

A flock of wild turkeys under the tree

Spanish Moss in the trees

Hey this is pretty fun

Either a great egret (black legs) or a great white heron (yellow legs)

A bald eagle

Hi, cow. Are cows wildlife?

I think I see some alligators

These ducks are coming in for a landing

Tom with a Phil smile

One of these birds is unlike the others (seagulls)...

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