Daytona 500 Weekend - Feb 2008

Daytona Beach

After the Nationwide Race on Saturday, we drove over to Daytona Beach

Look at all the birds playing on the water's edge!

Although we didn't try it (with our rental car) you can drive on this beach. It was once the site of the actual Daytona race.

Maybe we ought to see if those birds can fly!

Shalan relaxing on somebody's deck

Pete: This is really nice

Pete and Marcia running on the beach

Yup, they can fly

All tuckered out (well, at least one of us was)

It was worth the trip to the beach

Tom and the girls

Tom and Pete, being brotherly

Is this one we missed?

Oops, another opportunity to run through the birds

Marcia returning--the birds are now used to us

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