Daytona 500 Weekend - Feb 2008

Saturday's Nationwide Race

After a long drive (in time, not miles) we set up to tailgate at the Daytona International Speedway

You can all thank me for navigating

Good thing the van actually had a tailgate!

We took a shuttle from the parking lot around the airport (not the commercial one) to the track
These fellas are queued up for today's fly-over

Shuttle buses took the racegoers from the parking lot to the speedway

Here we are behind the Superstretch (as opposed to the Frontstretch) of the Speedway

It's a pretty exciting place to be

Marcia and John seem happy to be here

As do Pete and Shalan

And Tom and Leila

Shal with one of her buddies (Bud-dies, get it?)

In case you didn't know it, Dale Jr is driving the GoDaddy car in some Nationwide races this year

They look alike, don't you think?

Nope. They don't look alike.

Inside the track... Camping is intents

Although it doesn't look like it, Tom was enjoying his pre-race snack (fried bologna sammitch)

Great seats on the Superstretch. Are those mini-beers they're selling??

Boats cruised around the small lake within the track

Wouldn't it be nice to be staying in one of those campers?

Before the green flag

Two happy campers (so to speak)

We had a good view of the jumbotron

Is that a car or a boat?

Driver introductions

The BoSox-NASCAR fan

Marcia trying to figure out when she'll see Dario Franchitti - maybe on the pole??

This one could be Junior

Hey Tom, you're in the wrong row

The race winner was Tony Stewart (this is not him)

Looking toward the back of the grandstands, toward the airport and parking lot

The line for the bus shuttle to take us back to the parking lot

Lined up for tomorrow's fly-over...

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