Daytona 500 Weekend - Feb 2008


Marcia and John went to Universal Studios while Pete and Shalan went to DisneyWorld

Shal and the other "kids" went out for dinner while M&J crashed back at the resort

Leila's prize

We had a 3-bedroom, 3-bath unit at Silver Lakes Resort

View of the big pool from our building

Shalan playing in the baby pool

The lobby

These mini-marshmallow shooters were a purchase at Clearwater Beach

John tie-dying a shirt

The unveiling

I like it!

Marcia's shirt

BTW, this is supposed to be a kids' activity at the resort :-)

Now it's Shalan's turn

Stomping out the extra moisture

It's Mickey Mouse!

The buckets of dye

Finally Leila gets to do it

Call the cops!

Tom playing in the pool. Nice trunks, Tom!

Pete thinks somebody stole his beer

It's a tough life for the ladies

Back in our unit

Valentine's Day in Florida...some of us remembered

Marcia got a Dario Franchitti shirt

John and Marcia relaxing by the pool

Shal likes that hot tub!

Our rental van, complete with a DVD player for the kiddies in the back seat

An assortment of fine dining establishments

And then on to miniature golf

A strange fog coated the area in the early morning

Tom's new Dale Jr jacket. The only thing missing is a GoDaddy emblem

Shalan (99) and Pete (17) are Rousch-Fenway fans

Happy passengers en route to the Daytona Speedway

Who's hiding in this picture?

Shrek and his lookalike

Another one?

Shal's new handbag (made by Marcia)

Tom playing in the video gameroom at the resort

Is this Shalan and Pete?

Snow White with the Carl Edwards fan

Two goofy guys

Daytona International Speedway

This is coming back up to Boston (for some of us)

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