Daytona 500 Weekend - Feb 2008


The Navigator planning the anti-traffic route

The girls at morning tailgates

Nice socks, John!

Our econo-grill - it ain't too fancy but it got the job done

sTom and sPete enjoying a cocktail

Leila and Shalan relaxing

The bike lot - AWESOME!

We tried guessing how many were there - a thousand maybe?

Almost didn't see you with the camo

Shuttled back to the superstretch from the haulers


The starting grid coming off turn two

Jimmy Johnson in the #48 Lowe's Chevrolet

Green green green!

Keeping cool... Pete must have learned this trick in Dubai

Cool sunset shots Marsh took

Tom resting his eyes

Jeff Gordon speeding by

As Cole Trickle was once told, "Tires win races!"

Hosses hosses hosses


The new 88

Anyone get that number???


Kyle Busch chasing the 31 car

Fireworks at the finish

Nice jacket!

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